The Acura Precision Concept



The recently announced Precision Concept represents, according to the car maker, a path to follow for upcoming models. It is not about launching a serious concept to impress people and leave it behind. No. As we all know, Honda and Acura likes to stick with many models introduced at first as concept vehicles, unlike many other car makers nowadays.

For many, announcing a concept car is a matter of marketing, nothing more. The Japanese maker, instead, has shown us that a concept vehicle is a cornerstone. Is a model to follow. Somehow it has to be followed. Some are way too futuristic and doesn’t stick to the standards of practicability, but there has to be a thing to exploit.

In the case of the Precision Concept, there is too much to take advantage as well. The maker insists that we will see more of this model on upcoming members of the existing lineup. Over being a whole new car to launch, this is a blueprint for future projects.

Let’s take a further look.

Powertrain and Specs Announced


Unfortunately, it wasn’t the desire of Acura’s executives to expose entirely the Precision Concept during the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. There are no important details about specs and drivetrain. The whole presentation was around the cutting-edge design of the car and the technologies onboard.

Despite this, there are a few things we can mention about this matter. The Precision Concept could enjoy a rear-wheel drive setup, according to the layout and position of the axles. Also the HMI, a technology we will mention in the next section of the article, could customize automatically the performance of the vehicle each time a drive enters the cabin. More details ahead.

Avant-Garde Looks for an Inspiring Blueprint


Here is where the Precision Concept wants to excel and make a solid statement. Acura’s high-profile officers think that this concept model will work as a base to give shape to many upcoming cars of the brand. This thinking focuses on the design subject.

The whole concept seems delusional but not quite impossible or impractical. It is longer, wider and taller than any sedan offered by the car maker. It features a width of 84 inches for example, which is enough to excel both the upcoming NSX and the best-selling RLX sedan.

The main consideration of the design is to be sharp, edgy and slim. All lines are hard and try to emulate the Acura’s logo itself. Most models in the lineup follow this trend, but the Precision Concept takes it to the next level. The headlights feature the Jewel Constellation LED tech, often see in other Acura vehicles.

The front fascia hides to massive but sharp intakes with unknown use by know. The black grille is surrounded with a chrome trim, making a great contrast with the bright LED technology. 22-inch Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber wraps a sexy set of blade-inspired rims. There are no handles on the doors, so we suppose an upgraded keyless entry.


It is known that the Integrated Dynamic System platform developed by Acura is onboard. Also, during the presentation, the Digital Human-Machine Interface, also denominated as “HMI”, was introduced. This tech would allow the smart recognition of the passengers each time they enter to the vehicle and load, according to some pre-settings, the most proper conditions. This system supposed to be highly comprehensive, including navigation settings, infotainment preferences and many other relevant matters.

The Bottom Line

Acura didn’t announce any details about the powerplant beneath the hood or anything related. Maybe there is nothing down there. Maybe the Precision Concept is just a magisterial class of design and cutting-edge convenience through tech.

We expect to see some Honda and Acura models following this blueprint.


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