The 2018 Toyota Sequoia


In the Toyota line-up, the Sequoia has always been the colossal member, providing the name with a solid model and extraordinary features to have in consideration. But for many years, this SUV didn’t receive any major updates, hitting the market year after year only with minor tweaks.

In fact, this treatment coming from Toyota led users to think that the Sequoia, even when selling a good amount of units, had serious plans to cancel its production. Now we know the truth. The 2017 Chicago Auto Show was the place to announce the new 2018 Sequoia, a model will small changes, adding this time a TRD trim, which is something that really interests us.

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We are now going to talk about the 2018 Sequoia and all the novelties coming in it.

Powertrain and Specs

The 2018 Sequoia will enjoy, as standard, a 5.7-litre V8 powerplant known as i-Force. This engine is capable of generating up to 381 horsepower and a maximum torque of 401 lb-ft. To complete the standard setup, Toyota is placing alongside a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Users will have the chance to choose between rear- and four-wheel-drive setups.

There are no details about the power on the TRD version, which is expected to be notably more generous, especially if we consider the tradition in other models branded by the Japanese carmaker’s high-performance team.

Other important additions also come under the TRD badge. In the package, we can expect Bilstein dampers and anti-roll bars at both ends. When it comes to performance, at least for the standard model, we can expect an acceleration of 6.7 seconds from zero to 60 mph (km/h). For last year’s model, the EPA was rated at 13/17 mpg and we are not expecting dramatic changes here, neither for good or bad.

A Unique Styling

If we recall previous TRD models, like the Tacoma, we will remember how they were mostly off-road oriented, trying to provide an out-of-the-box experience to a particular share of the market that has always been interested in this kind of vehicles.

But when it comes to the 2018 Sequoia, the story seems to be different. The TRD badge will now add styling in a different way, more similar to the 4Runner experiment many years ago. The plan is to convert the 2018 Sequoia into a mean machine with an undisputed bad-ass look.

All the models under the name of Sequoia will enjoy from many visual tweaks. The front end will now have LED headlights and fog lights without paying them as extras. The grille, which was exactly the same since ten years ago, now has a new shape and the detailing will vary depending on the chosen trim.

Inside, Toyota finally decided to change the dashboard, something that many media outlets criticized for years. The update comes in the form of a new gauge cluster with a multi-purpose display. The Toyota Safety Sense-P suite of cutting-edge features will come as standard on all trims.

The Bottom Line

The 2018 Toyota Sequoia is not the massive revamp everyone was expecting but still provide some satisfaction, especially with the new TRD trim. Other trims will also enjoy new additions. SR5, Limited, and Platinum now will be joined by the delightful high-performance badge.

Price has not been announced yet but expected to be around US$50,000.


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