The 2018 Land Rover Defender DC100



After several decades producing and selling the same brawny Defender, Land Rover decided to renew. Notice that the following article will talk about to information we know so far about the new Defender and we will be based on the design showed during 2011, named the DC100, for “Defender Concept”.

But despite all the mystery, one thing is sure: they want to go big or go home with the presentation. The 2018 Defender is planning to re-enter in the market after a really long run with the same antique-looking design. Yes, it was extremely practical and tough, but the world is spinning and people change.

The new design will now try to approach younger public, giving it an exciting, more modern look. Back to 2011, when Land Rover revealed the DC100, people kind of hate it. The DC100 supposed to be a hypothetical vehicle, but the maker stated that it was going to be widely used during the development of the future Defender.

Let’s take a closer look of the upcoming British off-roader.

Possible Specs


Most of the information available go in terms of design. But making smart assumptions, we can foresee several things. With no powertrain confirmed yet, the most likely scenario is that the upcoming Defender will feature a wide array of options in terms of engines. Land Rover has plenty of powerplants in its lineup. Surely, everything will depend on the selected body, among the five possible presentations.

While petrol and diesel options are mandatory, supercharged engine is more difficult to see. We must notice that Range Rover models have several supercharged powerplant onboard, but they are way more expensive than the outgoing Defender. Enhanced powertrains could be a possibility if prices go up that far.

Specialized media also thinks that the car maker will stick to an aluminum unibody for the Defender’s structure.

Young, Exciting Design


When the DC100 was unveiled, the critic was harsh and severe. The old, original Defender was tough-looking and mean as winter. The design featured by the early concept was more similar to an amusing ride at a warm beach. Despite this, Land Rover’s executives said that they were going to use the DC100 as the base model to create the final product.

Based on what can we see in the picture, the supposition is that the new Defender wants to compete in the same segment as the Jeep Renegade Tomahawk (recently reviewed on Up and Coming Cars, by the way) and the all-mighty Wrangler as well.

The DC100 showed a highly modern, cutting-edge design, featuring soft curves and vanguard features. The round LED headlights are “Too-Jeep” for us while the wheels don’t seem quite practical for an off-roader in real life. The exterior mirrors seem to be too small but they feature cameras. This could be an excellent feature on an SUV of its nature.


Important people in the industry tell that the new Defender could be launched as a 2019 model after all. Also, five different body types will be available as well, these including the convertible (soft top) models.

The Bottom Line and Final Thoughts

The 2018 Defender represents the new generation of the epic model produced by the British SUV maker, which is planning to offer all kinds of configurations. After being an antique-looking SUV with the heart of a warrior for a while, the new model wants to come with vitality and full of stamina, ready to make a serious statement about Land Rover’s off-roaders.

The maker’s intentions are to sell over 100.000 units annually, which seems quite ambitious. If they fix what they need to fix, that number could be achievable. No price announced yet, but do not expect anything below US$50.000.


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