The 2018 Genesis G80



In recent years, the Genesis carmaker has become a representation of quality and luxury for a rational amount of money. After Hyundai decided to make the Genesis brand a stand-alone carmaker, expectations became higher. Ongoing models, in many cases, were satisfying customers. Coming from Hyundai, it was a real showdown of attention to details and performance.

One of the most popular models in the lineup, the G80, is still getting a lot of attention from the carmaker. The recently announced 2018 model represents a notable upgrade, both in terms of performance and luxury.

While the physical changes are discrete, the experience as a whole was greatly improved. Because of this, the 2018 G80 is something worth our time and attention. For some, this model can easily compete with its German rivals, almost threatening their market share outside Europe.

Powerplant and Specs


The 2018 G80 comes with a 3.8-litre V6 powerplant in its entry-level presentation. We also find that a 5.0-litre V8 version is available as well, providing slightly more power. But truth be told, the novelty comes in the form of the Sport model. In this new version is where Genesis invested the most.

With the Sport version of the 2018 G80, the buyers will enjoy a satisfying twin-turbocharged 3.3-litre V6 powerplant that generates up to 365 horsepower. In fact, this is the same engine on board of the G90 model, G80’s bigger sibling.

To complete the setup, all 2018 G80 models will come with a highly tuned 8-speed automatic transmission. Genesis promises a lot with this gearbox, arguing near-perfect performance from it and showing in as a key feature of the new model.

Talking about improvement, the 2018 G80 also includes re-tuned adaptive dampers and vented rear brake rotors for over-the-top stopping power. Customers will also have access to an optional HTRAC all-wheel-drive system, which is capable of greatly improving performance and is available in all the G80 models.

Serious Looks


The whole idea with the new G80 is to enter in the high-performance luxury segment by adding a lot of everything. Now, when it comes to power, the Sport model can be a little short. Genesis is committed to adding more every year, nevertheless. But how is it going in terms of luxury and comfort?

We must begin with how the 2018 G80 looks. We find a reshaped front bumper, which plan is to make the model more bellicose. The menacing styling at all the fronts is now more intense than in older models.

While the regular 2018 G80 enjoys abundant but boring color options, Polar Ice and Sevilla Red will be colors exclusive to the Sport model. Another exclusive for this model will be the 19-inch wheels along with performance rubber. On the other hand, regular models will come with sexy 18-inch rims.

Sport seats, aluminum pedals, a 9.2-inch display, a 17-speaker Lexicon audio system, a wireless smartphone-charging pad, carbon-fiber dashboard trim, adaptive LED headlights, and more will come as standard.

The Bottom Line


The 2018 Genesis G80 is a clear example of how good Hyundai’s luxury brand is doing things in order to compete in a highly demanding segment. While this model is still far behind the German rulers of the market, the G80 remains really attractive, getting better with time.

The base model will be around US$42,000.


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