The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


When it comes to creating street-legal drag-like vehicles, there are only a few like Dodge. For many decades, this carmaker has been selling over-the-top muscle cars that we all remember. Names like Charger, Dart, Viper, old-days’ Magnum, Polara, and Phoenix are always present when it comes to abundant muscle and massive engines.

But one of the most representative models in the brawny lineup has always been the Challenger. With this critically-acclaimed revival, Dodge did things right to get us in a new muscle era. In recent years, the carmaker took a turn into the wildly crazy performance under the SRT and Hellcat badges, adding tons of horsepower.

Now, Dodge brought back the Demon name, one that creates a lot of fear amongst direct rivals, as the Shelby Mustang GT350R and the Camaro ZL1 1LE. Let’s review the details of this exciting release.

The Most Powerful Production Muscle Car, At Least in HP Terms

The SRT team had a single goal with the 2018 Challenger Demon: creating the absolute drag racing king among production cars. Well, they achieve it so far. With 9.65 seconds to beat a quarter mile, this muscle car is quicker than the Porsche 918 in a straight line.

As Dodge wanted to show up, naturally, the 2018 Challenger Demon was mainly promoted by the amount of power that the huge Hemi engine will deliver: 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of maximum torque at 4500 rpm. That’s a massive increase from the sounding Hellcat model we have been enjoying all these years, which has 707 horsepower.

Nevertheless, there is a catch. Standard 2018 Challenger Demon units generate up to 808 horsepower, requiring the Demon Crate’s parts to unlock full power. In this crate, lucky buyers will find everything they could possibly need to raise the bar even further. From skinny front wheels and optimized racing ECU to a special air filter and the high-octane engine map button to place on the HVAC console.

Mounted already, the 2018 Challenger Demon will wear Nitto NT05R 315/40R-18 drag radials, which are street-legal.

But in order to access full power, there is a long, complicated process to follow, something very similar to the routines that drag drivers must follow before hitting the track. This means that many precautions and mechanisms must be taken into consideration when calmly driving on the streets.

Inside the Beast

Inside the cabin, buyers will have the option of getting a 2018 Challenger Demon unit without the passenger and rear seats. Nonetheless, having them onboard will only have a representative price of US$1.

Seats will be not focusing on comfort but on being lightweight. The SRT team modified many interior elements to make them considerably lighter and directly affect the performance. The Uconnect system, precisely its SRT Performance Pages feature, will work to monitor paramount indicators on the Demon, like intake temperature.

The Bottom Line

In terms of specs, there is plenty to talk about the 2018 Challenger Demon. Its massive power output and the drag-focused featured onboard will make this street-legal machine a wild dream for many. Only 3300 units will be produced by Dodge, so it will not be easy to get.

The base price is around US$85,000.


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