The 2018 Buick Regal TourX


After its acquisition by Asian investors, Buick is trying to get a decent comeback. During the last few decades, this American carmaker has been suffering an important lack of innovation, something that dragged the brand to a complicated situation.

Nevertheless, it seems like the acquisition was very positive and the carmaker is moving fast to conquer back some terrain. The Regal model is a clear example of that and during the 2017 New York Auto Show, Buick took the opportunity to present a very interesting variation: The Regal TourX.

This interesting launch aims to a more selective sector, which is looking for distinctive wagons for the entire family. Right now, we are experiencing an important fever about wagons, a segment where Mercedes-Benz and Audi seem to be the leaders. Even Porsche announced an exotic wagon during this same event.

But, what are the differences between these models? How can this wagon compete?

Powertrain and Mechanical Details

The 2018 Regal TourX will pack a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four powerplant that generates up to 250 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of maximum torque. To complete the setup, Buick is adding an 8-speed automatic gearbox with an all-wheel-drive system, the same that is used through a twin clutch on the LaCrosse and Envision models.

No more mechanical details were disclosed during the presentation, leaving us in doubt regarding the handling and comfort capacities, especially in comparison with the intimidating rivals present in the segment.

Look and Feel

Now, how the 2018 Regal TourX looks may be its salvation in such competitive segment. Let remember that the TourX variation comes from the base Regal sedan that Buick has been selling for a few years now. So, this means that the similarities will be impossible to ignore.

We have sleek lines on the sides, elegant-yet-exciting wheels, and a low roofline that gave us a good surprise. The front fascia is almost the same as the Regal, quite boring and without going to the extremes. Buick placed LED headlamps with running lights and a black grille with chrome detailing.

At the rear end, the design may be easily considered as ordinary. The bumper and its square exhaust outlets make us remember some of the competition’s designs. One big point in its favor is the cargo capacity, which is remarkable. While this is something natural in a wagon, the first impressions are very positive and this feature may represent a strong selling point.

Inside the cabin, the feeling is quite minimalist, with a clean dashboard and console. The amenities come in the forms of a 7.0-inch touchscreen, 4G LTE Wi-Fi capacities, full connectivity though Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus plenty of safety technologies, many of these being optional with the Driver Confidence package.

The Bottom Line

The 2018 Regal TourX is a solid attempt from Buick to earn a share of the wagon market, which is now suffering important transformations. This model has plenty to offer but its real value will be tested when the time of competing with Germans and Japanese finally comes.

The price hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to be around $40,000.


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