The 2018 Audi TT RS Roadster



The TT model has enjoyed a long run in the Audi lineup. Its popularity may be a result of its affordable price and attractive specs for car enthusiasts that have a budget. Nevertheless, a few years have passed and this mid-level sports car have greatly improved.

As we can see know with the 2018 models, both the Coupe and Roadster, Audi is putting massive efforts to deliver the best results with the TT badge on them. It has become a quite profitable business to put on the market powerful vehicle without 6-figure price tags.

The new 2018 TT RS Roadster has everything to succeed but the competition will be really tough. The TT RS, either in Coupe or Roadster presentations, is competing with the Corvette from Chevrolet and the 718 from Porsche.

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Let’s know more about this exciting launch.

Specs and Power


As expected, the 2018 TT RS Roadster will share most mechanical aspects with its close sibling, the Coupe model. The engine that will provide all the power is going to be an interesting turbocharged intercooled DOHC 20-valve 2.5-litre inline-5. This exotic powerplant will bring many improvements in comparison with recent years’ presentations.

Regarding the transmission, the 2018 TT RS Roadster will feature a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with manual shifting mode, accompanied by many driving modes that adjust the vehicle and enhance the performance depending on the road conditions and user preferences.


The setup on this sports vehicle will generate up to 400 horsepower at 5850 rpm and 354 lb-ft of maximum torque at 1700 rpm. With this output, the Roadster will go from zero to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 3.8 seconds. It could be quicker, though, but the convertible roof system adds almost 200 pounds (90 kilograms) to the total curb weight. The top speed is limited to 174 mph (280 km/h).

The key to this new launch is the addition of the new 5-inline engine, which is lighter and more powerful than the previous cast-iron-crankcase engine that was present in recent models of the TT.

Short Practicability


As a proper Roadster, we ran out of space inside. While the design is stunning, following the modern Audi script for hard lines and edgy angles, the car could easily become a sports car for young people who aren’t looking for practicability.

In fact, even the Coupe sibling has a little space in the rear, allowing small people or kids to be more or less comfortable. Because of the convertible roof, we have less space in the trunk as well.

In general terms, the 2018 TT RS Roadster looks really hot. There is a lot of matte black, gray, and carbon fiber detailing that makes it serious and daring. The blade-inspired wheels that now are almost mandatory in the automotive industry are present, far from being innovative but still attractive.

The Bottom Line

The 2018 TT RS Roadster is an exciting, true sports car that isn’t beyond the reach for the mid-class. There are some flaws that can be easily corrected by the renovated power it offers.

The price tag will be around US$63,000.


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