The 2017 Toyota Corolla



One of the most commercial cars in the history is celebrating 50 years of success this same year. We are talking about the reliable and popular Corolla. Just like a proper Toyota, this car has the fame of being quite durable and deliver and above-average driving experience in almost every sense.

With a really affordable price, users are acquiring a vehicle capable of so many things, starting with a surprising performance, an extended durability, and a world-class comfort, even with common, cheap materials. In these terms, Toyota has been a proven expert of making great things with few resources.

With the 2017 Corolla, the gigantic Japanese car maker is making a serious statement: this model is our magnum opus and is here to stay. We are not seeing the Corolla going away anytime soon. In fact, this mediatized refreshment are a valid proof of that Toyota is betting a lot on this model, even with the decrease in sedan sales.

Let’s get familiar with the details.

Specs and Features


Toyota decided to maintain the aspects that they considered already great. The 2017 Corolla will pack the exact same engine from past models, a 1.8 L four-cylinder, producing around 132 hp with the standard equipment. The Valvematic option, representing the variable-intake valve-lift system, would increase the power output up to 140 horsepower.

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In terms of transmission, this new model will have three different options:

  • Six-speed manual transmission.
  • Four-speed automatic transmission.
  • CVT automatic.

It’s hard to explain why Toyota is offering a CVT gearbox when most people within the industry are truly disgusted with its performance. Doesn’t matter the chosen transmission, the fuel economy numbers are going to be between 27 and 30 mpg for the city and 36 and 42 mpg on the highway. These numbers are quite impressive but they come from the past model. Knowing Toyota already, we doubt that these numbers drop.

The rest of the mechanical matters are the same as the previous presentation, so we are not going to waste more time on them. Let’s talk about notable changes.

Trim Levels and Visuals


The real, considerable changes coming with the 2017 Corolla involves the trim level structure, which was heavily modified. While the equipment for each trim wasn’t announced in detail yet, we know that the fancy Toyota Safety Sense P, which is a safety-related package full of cutting-edge tech to assist the passengers, is not coming as a standard for any variant.

The S trim level is now gone to introduce the SE. The XLE is another novelty inside the Corolla’s structure, aimed to offer a top-notch grade of convenience items, creating a strong link between this model and the luxurious Camry. Lower trim levels, as the L and LE, weren’t changed in any aspect. Notice that the backup camera is now standard for all the variants, adding more value no matter what you choose.

The major visual changes are the redesign of the grille and both lights front and rear, but we can still see the great resemblance with the outgoing model. We suppose that Toyota is trying to maintain the same design trend and remember us that it’s the same generation from recent years. Thinking another thing could be dangerous; we could have high expectations and Toyota would be unable to satisfy them.


The Bottom Line

The always pleasant Corolla is coming with a slight refreshment and a new trim structure, aiming to dynamize things for the customers. Plenty of modifications to the 2017 model involves safety measures and tech, mainly pushed by U.S. Department of Transportation’s demands.

The base trim level of the outgoing model, the L, started at $18,135. Price tags for the new model are going to be announced close to the end of this year.


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