The 2017 Mini JCW Convertible



As expected from Mini, we are getting a highly interesting 2017 JCW Convertible. This one is another model in the well-known upgraded lineup of John Cooper Works. As we all know, this badge represents a heavily modified version of the base Mini in question. These modifications are focused on improving performance and sports capacities. Also, an important share of additions goes to the improvement of the overall looks.

Models with the JCW badge on them has been loved by many all these years. They had achieved to satisfy and please the users, delivering an exciting and fun experience on the road. This doesn’t mean that the 2017 JCW Convertible is a high-performance vehicle. No. But it could give you that feeling from time to time.

Let’s take a further look.

Powertrain and Specs


The 2017 JCW Convertible packs a turbo 2.0 L 4-cylinder powerplant, totally capable of delivering up to 228 hp at 6000 RPM and 236 lb-ft of maximum torque at 1250 RPM. To have a clear idea of the real upgrade in performance terms, you must know that the base Cooper S featured 189 hp and 207 lb-ft for torque.

In the matter of transmission, both automatic and manual gearboxes with six speeds will be available as well. Now, thanks to the John Cooper Works badge, we will enjoy a highly tuned suspension, capable of delivering a more exciting experience behind the wheel. Then, tough Brembo brakes provide hardcore stopping power, more than enough for this model.

On the 2017 JCW Convertible, we will also see how the ESC (electronic stability control) brings to the table an electronic locking differential with torque-steer compensation. You can pay some more to get the dynamic damper control. Other important modifications are coming both in standard and optional.

According to the car makers’ numbers, the 2017 JCW Convertible has a top speed rated at 149 mph with the automatic transmission and 150 mph with the manual one. The acceleration remains a mystery but we can think that, based on similar models from past years, this one could go from standstill to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

Design and Sporty Look


It is hard to tell but actually, the 2017 JCW Convertible does look highly aerodynamic. Understand this consideration by noticing the several air intakes and grilles on both front and rear bumpers. More than having a serious impact on downforce generation or something like that, it makes it seem athletic and fierce. The handsome soft top, in the other hand, can go lower or raise in just 18 seconds. This element is available in both entire black or black-and-gray Union Jack Design.

Two stripes go from the front fascia to the rear end, creating an athletic feeling. The air intake on the hood is another exclusive element to be thankful for. The 17-inch wheels come standard and are a great addition for the 2017 JCW Convertible. The chromed twin exhaust outlet located in the middle of the rear bumper is totally compatible with the theme. Other elements are just a classic.


In the interior, red accents add spice to the overall look. The dashboard maintains the trend of the round, massive instrument on top of the central console, feature red accents as well. Beyond the common steering wheel, there is another screen, helping the driver to not look elsewhere during the travel.

The Bottom Line

As always, John Cooper Works models are satisfying. The 2017 JCW Convertible looks that isn’t going to be an exception. There isn’t available for purchasing yet, but it is going to be in the upcoming months.

The base price will be US$36.450 will plenty of extra options.


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