The 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC43



This era appears to be own by the crossover movement. Every user seems to desiring one. The same way, car makers seems to be interested in making more and more of these vehicles. One clear example of this is the case of the German big companies in the industry.

In the heart of this aggressive competition, we see how Mercedes is trying to rule. The latest bet from this maker is the 2017 GLC43 signed by AMG. What can we expect from it? First, expect power. Lots of it. This shiny crossover will be no high-end vehicle but it’ll be more than enough for most drivers.

This way, the 2017 GLC43 is going to hit the market in other to compete with the X4 M40i from BMW and the SQ5 from Audi, both crossover with exciting performance numbers are quite reasonable price tags. In the meanwhile, this segments seems to have already an undisputed leader, the Porsche Macan S.

The 2017 GLC43 has a lot to do. Let’s take a closer look.

Specs and Performance


This sexy crossover will pack a twin-turbo 3.0 L V6 powerplant which will generate up to 362 horsepower and a peak torque of 384 lb-ft. The German car maker already announced performance numbers, which ones are around 4.8 seconds for the acceleration from zero to 60 mph, and a top speed electronically governed at 155 mph, just as expected.

Along with this brawny engine, users will find a specially tuned 9-speed automatic transmission with the AMG signature on it. Along interesting AMG additions, we can find massive brake rotors with 14.2 inches in the front and 12.6 inches at the rear, a high-end air suspension for sporty driving, new components in the steering and suspension layout, a highly aggressive exhaust system, and an adjusted 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system.

Drivers will enjoy several modes to enhance the experience on the 2017 GLC43. These driving modes will be the Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus, each one modifying almost all the mechanical aspects of the crossover, depending the case. The Sport Plus driving mode will be there for those who want a more responsive throttle and a more belligerent exhaust tone, along with other features.

Appearance and Style


The 2017 GLC43 has its appealing. This crossover has enough beauty and style to compete with the best of the segment. Now, let’s stick on how it looks. For those familiar with the GLC series in the past, you will notice that it seems almost identical to one with the AMG pack that improves the appearance.

We found a chrome splitter in the front fascia along with the big three-pointed star in a diamond-dotted grille that looks extremely sexy. The headlights are quite outdated but are just the expected. From a side, the 2017 GLC43 is athletic but don’t forget that it’s a crossover. The gloss-black 20-inch AMG wheels are the proper for the occasion.


The interior delivers a stunning feeling of quality and luxury. Mercedes always does a great job here and this crossover isn’t the exception at all. The sport bucket seats are fit for a track session and the red stitching is the perfect one for this AMG-branded crossover. The dashboard is highly stylish and the mounted touchscreen is on the central console. Below this screen we found a carbon-fiber console where all the instruments are minimalistic. Black and chrome are predominant.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 GLC43 from AMG is the appropriate response to similar BMW and Audi crossovers, but the Macan S and the recently announced F-Pace seems superior.

Nevertheless, we are getting affordable power and a high-end luxury composition both inside and out. This crossover is exactly what Mercedes always delivers: quality.

The price tag will be around $60,000.


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