The 2017 Lincoln MKZ



After the announcement of the exciting Continental Concept, the 2017 MKZ became even more prominent. Both models represent an ambitious plan to refresh the Lincoln’s face. More than that, they represent the true return of the brand to the luxury sedan industry. Despite the interesting changes, the carmaker hasn’t a clear path to experience.

With Cadillac as its main rival outside, the strong bond with Ford weakens even more the Lincoln brand. Why? Because most models are widely based in Ford vehicles and the people knows it. Now, these two models are the shot to become more independent and create a particular image, attracting new customers.

Let’s see more details about the 2017 MKZ.

Powertrain and Specs

The 2017 MKZ packs a twin-turbo V6 power plant, capable of producing up to 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque in all-wheel drive setup while the front-wheel drive model delivers 50 hp less. For those more conservative, a turbocharged 2.0 L inline-4 engine is available as well, generating 245 horsepower.


In addition, we get a hybrid version, which comes with the 2.0 L engine in naturally aspirated configuration and a two-motor CVT. This is the only version which will be exclusively front-wheel drive. Thanks to the Ford Focus RS, this Lincoln sedan is able to offer torque-vectoring features through the extra Driver’s package, which delivers torque in a smart way, greatly improving handling and overall performance.

The same package of extra also delivers aluminum pedals, carbon fiber trims inside the cabin, adaptive dampers, a dark grille, upgraded seats, and many other features both in performance and design. Despite de efforts previously mentioned, the 2017 MKZ used the CD4 platform, which is the exact same of the Ford Fusion.

Design and Comfort as a MKZ

The new front fascia on the 2017 MKZ is following the design trend imposed by the Continental Concept, already reviewed in this site. While the retouched front is quite appealing, the rear fascia is a complete mess. It looks heavy and really outdated, like a 90s concept car from a motor show. The taillight design isn’t exactly creative, unique or good-looking. The two massive exhaust outlets are the only nice factor in that area.

As expected from a sedan of Lincoln, luxury, and the really interesting features are found inside the cockpit. Unfortunately, more Ford trends are present. The Sync 3 infotainment platform is in command inside the fancy interior, which gives a good first impression yet. The 2017 MKZ is going back to physical buttons, with the touchscreen getting partially replaced in a good way.


In terms on comfort technologies, the adaptive cruise control represents one interesting addition. Along with it, there are the self-parking and forward-collision warning features, both created to make the driver’s life easier.

As mentioned previously on the specs section of the article, the Driver’s package delivers important features in terms of design. The carbon fiber trims inside are a cool extra, which adds a sporty air to the sedan. The dark grille upgraded for the front fascia also helps the overall look of the 2017 MKZ.


The Bottom Line

An important factor of Lincoln’s new marketing strategy is weaken the bond between the brand and Ford, gaining some autonomy in the market. Besides this, the main goal of this revamped model is to clean the maker’s name as fabricant of luxury sedans. Both upcoming models want this.

The 2017 MKZ isn’t highly expensive, representing luxury for everyone. The base price starts at US$36.115.


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