The 2017 Lamborghini Centenario



The Centenario hypercar is the physical representation of respect for Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini in his 100th birthday. This new Italian sports car is a spectacular show of exoticness and luxurious style, just like we like them.

As expected from supercar maker such as Lamborghini, the 2017 Centenario is packing a huge amount of raw power, dedicated to delivering a hardcore driving experience on both track and road. But there is a lot of emotional background for this recently announced model.

It is not only the celebration of the 100 years of Ferruccio, also, it commemorates the 50th anniversary of the original debut of the unforgettable Miura, the sports car that drove Lamborghini to the stardom during the 60s.

Let’s take a look of the epic 2017 Centenario.

Italian Guts


The 2017 Centenario will pack the same naturally aspirated 6.5 L V12 powerplant onboard of the Aventador, producing up to 759 horsepower. Interesting and expected tweaks and upgrades are getting superior results, just like an increase of 100 rpm of the speed engine, up to 8600 in total. According to the car maker, the Centenario is expected to reach 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Handling will be a hard spot as well. The brand-new rear-wheel-steering platform installed on the Centenario will improve high-speed handling. This feature will be also affected for good by the several driving modes available; Strada, Sport, and Corsa. As usual, these modes will also impact in the rest of the drivetrain and other mechanical aspects.

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Aerodynamic Capabilities and Lightweight Properties


Despite the 2017 Centenario is following the same design base of every modern Lamborghini, its hypercar’s nature is making it shine during the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, where it is being exposed at this same moment. Its extreme form is aiming hardcore aerodynamic capabilities, just like any one of us can suggest.

Also, we can see a lot of Veneno in it. After a huge success, the Veneno became a role model in terms of design and the Centenario is the proof of it. The extremely edgy design is pushing even further the boundaries. In the front end, we see a wide and narrow air intake from side to side. Below, a slim, yellow splitter divided in the middle is giving it the final touch to complete a near-perfect front fascia. The LED headlights seem like a novelty for the Lamborghini’s lineup as well.


From a side, we see the 2017 Centenario at its best. There is an excess of bold lines and sharp edges, along with a titanic air intake that goes up to the roof, uniting all in an apparent single piece. Right before each wheel, we get a triangular-shaped air intake that has the goal of cooling the massive brakes. Talking about wheels, we are getting 20-inch wheels in the front and 21-inch in the rear, coming with Pirelli P Zero rubber with yellow trimming.

The rear end is quite unique as well. There is no bumper and that’s something interesting to have in mind. Under the thin LED taillights, six slim fins go to the very bottom, beyond the three exhaust pipes in the form of a triangle. The “CENTENARIO” can be read above a thin Italian flag, just where the license plate should be. We can see in pictures how it comes with a carbon-fiber-like paint job and yellow detailing, but actually, the buyer can choose the color combination at will.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 Centenario is the new exclusive hypercar from Lamborghini. There are many things we want to know but what should be really interesting is how the 40 units that are going to be built are already sold. Yes, even before the official debuting of the sports car during the 2016 Geneva Auto Show.

The price tag is around $1.9 million.


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