The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S



Revisions aren’t common when it comes to successful supercars. High-end carmakers rarely look to change something that is already working. A great example of this is Lamborghini with the Aventador, one of the most successful models in the history of the company.

As usual for the Italian carmaker, the Aventador enjoyed limited editions like the SV, a badge that we already had seen before with other models. But the S goes beyond.

Lamborghini decided to give a well-deserved upgrade to its favorite boy. The Aventador S represents exactly that: a slight but still notable improvement in power, handling, technology, and overall driving experience.

Power Upgrades


The most interesting thing about this update is about the additional muscle. The 2017 Aventador S sports the same powerplant, actually, but the tuning is deep and detailed. The 6.5-litre V-12 engine can now generate up to 730 horsepower, representing an increase of 39 ponies over the regular model.

The carmaker decided to change the valve timing, making it more violent, and getting into intake tuning. The result of these efforts is basically more raw power. Another remarkable thing is that the engine’s speed limit went up as well, reaching 8500 RPM and creating massive sonic contamination, quite enjoyable as always.

The Aventador SV was used before to test the four-wheel-steering technology that the 2017 Aventador S will have as standard. This new system seems promising for cornering at high speeds, enhancing stability, and improving overall handling, receiving praises from many. Along with this cutting-edge feature, the bull will enjoy Pirelli P Zero rubber, designed and developed to work especially with the four-wheel-steering system.

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Stability control, suspension, and drive modes were upgraded as well. The 2017 Aventador S will have all the traditional drive modes plus the brand-new Ego mode. This interestingly-named drive mode will allow the user to customize in detail all the mechanical aspects that impact on the ride, such as steering and stability setting. For those hardcore drivers, this could be the ultimate immersive experience. Having the chance of customizing everything onboard and without hassle will be a real novelty.

The entire suspension platform was improved and tuned. Also, the 2017 Aventador S will have carbon-ceramic brake rotors as standard and at the four wheels. By adding more power, they were forced to work on the braking as well.

Emulating the SV


Following the SV’s ethics, the 2017 Aventador S also bring a fresh appearance. There aren’t major changes but slight detailing was key to making this exotic supercar even more intimidating and menacing. We can see the changes in both front and back end; air ducts, front splitter, back diffuser, and taillights.

Inside the cockpit, everything remains the same. There is an optional telemetry system for track purposes but it doesn’t suppose breaking news. Nevertheless, the interior of the 2017 Aventador S remains superb, just like expected.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S can be taken as a proof of upgrading the unbeatable in order to thrill exclusive buyers. All that power and awesomeness will not come cheap. The S badge represents a notable increase in price.

The official base price is US$424,845. If we compare the 2017 Aventador S with the LP700-4 from 2015, we can see a price increase of almost US$20,000 for the newer model.


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