The 2017 Buick Avista Concept



Buick is seriously taking the desire of reincorporating to the wild and unpredictable car’s market and the 2017 Avista Concept is the bet and the strategy to do that. Buick is also filling up all the hollows in its repertory, incorporating a plenty of good things on it. With this concept car, Buick is working a lot on this half-decade to erase the hard times, because they are leaving some good feeling towards their new concept car at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

This car looks incredibly sexy, wild and aggressive and it’s not a disappointing when you approach to it. As a 2+2 sports coupe, beneath the hood of the 2017 Avista Concept we’ll found a new General Motors/Cadillac’s 3.0 L V6 twin-turbocharged delivering 400 horsepower along an 8-speed automatic gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and twin exhaust outlets. Packing a new line with a sporty, compelling luxury and unique design, Buick has done an incredible job in every part of this vehicle

The interior is a piece-of-art, gotten from another decade. It’s incredible futuristic and showing that Buick can be at the forefront of car’s market. The last year, Buick left a lot of people impressed with the Avenir, and they use some of its design line and highlights to create the 2017 Avista Concept because they knew the potential of it, even in the interior both share plenty of similarities.

Powertrain and Performance


Few mechanical’s details have been revealed. A twin-turbocharged 3.0 L V6 with Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), delivering 400 horsepower will supply this elegant concept car with an 8-speed automatic transmission, being the same engine/transmission setup you’ll find in the upcoming Cadillac CT6 and GM’s Camaro Alpha platform. The ride will be smooth and comfortable, thanks to the Magnetic Ride Control, providing precise body motion control.

Design Line and Interior


The 2017 Avista Concept features a prominent and subtle grille, with taillights flawlessly designed. Beautiful and elegant are words to just describe this car’s front fascia. Counts with a body that reflects elegance, futuristic design, and really athletic look. Polished aesthetic, in simple words, with a really elongated fall in the back. The rear is also perfect, exhibiting a sharp and well-designed rear with twin exhaust outlet. The 2017 Avista is long, with 110.7-inch (2,811 mm) wheelbase and 63-inch (1,601 mm) at the front, and 62.9-inch (1,598 mm) at the rear tracks for sporty proportions and an aggressive stance with 20-inch wheels, completing the aesthetic package, highly noticeable at the outside.

In this time of opulent luxury and stylish interiors, a well-thought, cutting-edge technology interior is fundamental. More than a modern, high-tech luxury cabin, the interior of this car is near-perfect and delivers that futuristic and curious feel. Buick’s IntelliLink with touchscreen controls on a wide instrument panel display and a center console also incorporates touch controls and extends to the rear seating area. Open side storage compartments built into the front of the console are enabled by the new Electronic Precision Shift, as said in Detroit by Buick, which is present and looks incredibly refined, evoking a real well-fitted interior essence.


The bottom Line for the Avista Concept

This concept car was a show-thief in the 2015 Detroit Car Show, leaving everyone a high expectancy in the near future of Buick. They have done an incredible job creating this car and they took everyone’s attention for future’s releases. and for the wellness of the company we are anxious to see more cars like this in the future by Buick. An interesting fact is that Buick hasn’t decided

And for the wellness of the company, we are anxious to see more cars like this in the future, launched by Buick. An interesting fact is that Buick hasn’t decided whether selling this car or not, and the official page refers to it as a Concept vehicle, which is not available for sale.

Hope this will be available in the market anytime soon.


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