The 2017 Audi R8 Spyder



With the 2017 New York Auto Show already ended, we have a lot to talk about these days. The recent debuts make us wonder where is going the automotive industry. This show was really fruitful and satisfying, actually. Several models were highly anticipated and they left a good taste in the experts’ mouths.

This is the moment to talk about the 2017 R8 Spyder, the new, exciting presentation of the already great supercar from the German maker, Audi. With this new addition, we see a roadster R8 with the same proportions and features of the modern supercar, including the well-appreciated changes, exclusive of the new generation.

As the new toy for rich fellows, the 2017 R8 Spyder will be the preferred sports car for summer. In terms of mechanics, we will be fine and happy if we get the same specs and performance from the base model. Now, let’s take a further look at what we are going to get.

Performance and Specs


As expected, the 2017 R8 Spyder will pack a naturally aspirated 5.2 L V10, totally capable of producing up to 540 hp and a peak torque of 398 lb-ft. Along with this colossal powerplant, we will find a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which sends all the power to the four wheels. The Quattro all-wheel-drive setup will be onboard. This means that power could be distributed smartly to either front or rear axle, depending on the circumstances.

A water-cooled differential in the front and a limited-slip differential in the rear are also included in the package. If you are willing to pay an extra, the magnetorheological dampers with adaptive function can be yours, greatly improving the suspension.

Performance numbers were announced as well. We can expect that the 2017 R8 Spyder reach the 60-mph-mark in 3.6 seconds. The top speed, on the other hand, is rated at 198 mph.

This is a lightweight supercar, by the way. Audi made a spaceframe with a composition of 80 percent aluminum. According to the maker, we are not getting more than 3554 pounds dry. Kissing the asphalt, the standard rubber will be 245/35R-19 in the front and 295/35R-15 in the rear. On the same time, users will have optional 245/30R-20 and 305/30R-20 in the rear.

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Top-Off and Luxury


The 2017 R8 Spyder features the same outstanding design trend of the new generation’s R8, quite similar to revamped models in the Audi’s lineup. The highly modern and mean front end have running day LED lights ready to impress. The sharp, hard lines are all over the place. The grille cannot be edgier than now.

We already know about the rest of the car, so let’s focus on the novelties. According to Audi, the retractable top can be raised or lowered at 31 mph or less. Also, drivers can lower the rear window in order to get a closer, purer hearing of the powerplant. This can be done either lowering the top or leaving it in place.


Just like the base R8, this roadster model gets the Virtual Cockpit, which is a digital gauge cluster that creates a true modern feeling inside the cabin. All the instruments and switches are highly stylish and we enjoy seeing them. The materials are top-notch, improving the luxurious experience. With the base price, we are getting most things but paying an extra buck, a 13-speaker Band & Olufsen can be installed onboard.

The Bottom Line: Luxurious and Opulent Experience

The 2017 R8 Spyder represents the fancy, luxurious version of the sexy supercar from Audi. Aiming a young, wealthy market, this car could be a serious selling success during the upcoming year.

The price will be around $170,000, being $165,450 the starting price for the coupe model.


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