The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser



The 2016 Land Cruiser enjoys from the rough, warrior spirit from its ancestor. There are a few flaws but nothing that makes us look away. This amazing Toyota SUV has the needed skills to beat any road in the wild. Don’t be fooled by its luxurious appearance, it can handle all the tough trails on its path.

The heavyweight Land Cruiser wants to take you to the end of the world and make you feel comfortable in the meanwhile. But again, there are flaws. Is possible to feel like Toyota spend too much time thinking about comfort and delivering an optimum ride experience, instead even further the off-road capabilities.

Let’s see more details of the 2016 Land Cruiser.

Japanese Powerhouse


The 2016 Land Cruiser packs a naturally aspirated DOHC 32-valve 5.7 L V8 power plant. This engine is capable of producing 381 hp at 5600 RPM and 401 lb-ft at 3600 RPM. This massive SUV doesn’t have the best fuel economy in the segment, with 13 mpg for the city and 18 mpg for the highway.

The exhaust tone is totally natural, without the intervention of electronic enhancement. While the 2016 Land Cruiser provides a pretty hardcore scenario for off-road adventures, the ordinary driving (and we mean with “ordinary driving” to everything that isn’t off-road) could deliver a boring experience.

This full-time four-wheel drive SUV has a curb weight around 5815 lb (2638 kg). This factor isn’t a problem for the 8-speed automatic transmission. In fact, it has enough power to achieve a towing capacity of 8100 lb (3674 kg), which is a lot for an off-road focused vehicle.


Other prominent specs are the independent double wishbone suspension in the front and multi-link layout in the rear. Besides, this Toyota adventurous SUV features an electro-mechanical limited-slip differential.

Looks and Comfort Delivered

Don’t be confused: Despite what the 2016 Land Cruiser’s exterior and interior appearance could suggest, it is focused in off-road skills. The bold, too squared front fascia comes with a chromed grille as standard. This design trend provides to the Toyota machinery a unique look between muscles and elegance. For a good reason is one of the favorite Saudi’s SUV. Opulence for the hardcore off-roader.


We found 18-inch silver aluminum wheels wrapped in P285/60V tires, totally all-terrain-capable. But the real important design is located within. The cabin offers a wide array of features. Oddly, the vast majority of these features comes as standard, making mandatory the “purchase” of most convenience items.

We found a fancy front and rear air conditioning setup, remote keyless entry with its now-mandatory illuminated entry, a 14-speaker JBL premium audio system, and much more as standard. In this matter, both passengers in the front and rear enjoys LCD screens, connected to the cutting-edge infotainment system operating onboard.

Navigation and parking assist systems also come as standard. A third row of seats is available as well, but don’t excel at comfort as it should do. Overall, we found top-notch materials used inside the cabin. There are two color setups available for the standard leather upholstery.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 Land Cruiser do not offer shiny new features if we compare it with recent models. Despite this awful fact, we find this SUV highly appealing and totally off-road capable (more than many in the segment).

Its price can be too high if you pay attention to Mercedes’ and Range Rover’s SUVs available right now. We think that offering a single trim and almost everything as standard is a mistake. There is no room to choose a select the desired features.

The price tag starts at US$84.820.


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