The 2016 Subaru WRX



The 2016 WRX lacks the excitement from past generations, but still delivers an entertaining experience on both road and track. Subaru seems a little bit lost, reducing the sporty grade of its most rewarding model, the Impreza. Despite this fact, the 2016 WRX offers really nice features and specs, putting it at the same level of German sports cars in the segment.

Subaru stills know how to make a fun vehicle drive. Not too fast, no too light. The 2016 WRX wants to put you in the skin of a rally driver, as usual. The STI model brings the best track-focused skills on the table. You will have to pay a little more, but it is still more affordable than many sports cars with similar specs.

Let’s take a look of the 2016 WRX.

Drivetrain and Specs

The 2016 WRX packs a turbo 2.0 L flat-4 power plant denominated by Subaru as BOXER. Along with a 6-speed manual transmission, this sports car enjoys a generation of 268 horsepower at 5600 RPM and 285 lb-ft of maximum torque at 2000 RPM.

The 3267 lb (1482 kg) vehicle has a decent fuel economy, rated at 20 mpg for the city and 27 mpg for the highway with the base drivetrain setup. If you go with the STI model, which represents the aggressive and dirty rally spirit, you will enjoy a 2.5 L flat-4 engine, which is capable of producing up to 305 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque.


A CVT gearbox is exclusive for the Premium and Limited trims, which ones are more expensive, as expected. The exclusivity remains for the EyeSight safety platform developed by Subaru. This feature includes automatic forward emergency braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and related functions.

All-wheel drive setup keeps as one of the most entertaining and effective features in the whole segment. The key fact that it comes as standard, which is an important thing to have in mind when the decision time comes.

Comfort and Brawny Design

The 2016 WRX looks muscular and strong at every trim and version. There isn’t a slim, lightweight looking model. All of them are brawny and likes to show off. The mean front fascia delivers an angry feeling while the hood air intake provides both stunning look and performance improvements. In the rear, we find the diffuser really sexy, while two twin exhaust outlets enhance the panorama.


Users will get a lot of features with the base model. Among these standard features, we found the cutting-edge Starlink infotainment equipped with a 6.2-inch touchscreen, 17-inch alloy rims, a rearview camera, cloth upholstery, and similar convenience items. In the other hand, things like leather upholstery, LED headlights, 18-inch alloy rims, heated front seats, and many others are standard only for high-end trims, like the Premium and Limited.

When it comes the time for the STI version, amazing features comes standard as well. Most convenience items of the Premium and Limited trims are present, also getting Alcantara and leather upholstery, sport-tuned suspension, Brembo brakes, SI-Drive and DCCD modes displays, and many more specifications mainly focused in aggressive driving.


The most expensive trim available, the STI Limited, packs a bigger touchscreen for the Starlink infotainment platform, navigation, 18-inch BBS alloy rims, a Harman Kardon premium audio setup, and more driving utilities.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t an Impreza, but don’t cry about it. The 2016 WRX has undisputed upgrades from past generations. It is clear that this model is widely inspired in the legendary rally vehicle, but it has now its own identity.

While the base price for the basic trim starts at US$26.595, the STI cheapest model is totally affordable for most car enthusiasts at US$34.695.


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