The 2016 Renault Mégane GT



The 2016 Mégane GT came making a lot of noise, incorporating his fourth-generation of the GT version, representing the fastest line in the Mégane segment just after older brother, the RS. As a C-segment car, the 2016 Mégane GT (like the rest of the Mégane range), it’s a five-door only, which is a digestive to wait for the release of the RS variant. Exhibiting a redesigned interior and exterior, looks that this is the Mégane GT’s year.

The biggest changes are noted in the cockpit, fully charged with cutting-edge technologies from the Renault Espace and Talisman. Also featuring a new infotainment system that looks incredible and sophisticated, redesigned steering wheel, and new racing seats. This car became insane from within, delivering a really minimalistic sensation for its price. Suited with crash avoidance, self-parking and adjustable driving modes, a smooth and ease drive is ensured.

Let’s expose the negative and the positive of this car.

Power, Drivetrain and Handling


The 2016 Megane GT is equipped with a turbo 1.6 L petrol engine producing 202 hp and 206 lb-ft of maximum torque, enough to accelerate from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 7.1 seconds and with a maximum speed of 145 mph (233 km/h). Not the best of his breed, but sluggish neither. Front-wheel drive setup is feed via a 7-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox completing the speed combo. The fuel economy is average with 6.0 L per 60 miles (100km).

4Control was implemented in this car, which it is an active four-steering system, launch control and a new ”multi-change-down’ feature for the transmission. Sounds complex and perhaps overwhelming at the same time. This system allows the driver, as the Porsche’s 911 GT3, at low speeds to turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to those at the front, making it easier in terms of handling. Above 50 mph, the front and rear wheels angle are in the same direction to enhance stability.

The 2016 Mégane GT has the Renault sport-tuned suspension, a faster-acting electrically assisted steering rack with bigger front discs.

Design and Interior


From outside to inside, the 2016 Mégane GT released redesign lines. A facelift brings new LED technology and a new, audacious front bumper with additional air intakes. The rear looks sporty with an aerodynamic diffuser and twin chrome exhaust.

The cockpit was well redesigned, starting with a racing seat that surround you, giving a real feeling of a sporty experience. Let’s not forget the new infotainment system. The steering wheel and hand grip have GT badges on them.

Getting a cool, cutting-edge 8.7-inch touchscreen with Renault’s latest generation ‘R-Link 2’ infotainment software and smartphone-style swiping with cool design and really easy to use with big buttons for an easy drive. It gives a minimalist feeling that is well appreciated for some in these times of tech complexity.

Multi-sense is present here. Selection modes, as Neutral, Comfort, Sport and customizable Perso, allow the driver to modify the accelerator pedal and engine response, adjust the speed of the gearshifts and controls the function of the seats and the cabin lighting environment. Tech features don’t end there. The 2016 Mégane GT has comprising radar-guided cruise control, autonomous brakes, traffic light recognition, blind-spot monitor, parking assist and five-star Euro NCAP of safety, which something important to considerate.


It is roomy. The 434-little boot is the second biggest in the C segment and is complemented by interior storage space, totaling 25L.

The Bottom Line for the Mégane GT

Despite the new design and features, Renault has to play flawlessly to be well received for the insatiable market. Focus RS and Golf R are theoretically better contenders, let see how they implement theoretic with a pragmatic approach.

The approximate price is US$39.990.


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