The 2016 Renault Mégane Energy dCi 130



The 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 is a cheap, well-built alternative for those looking for a budget, high-quality vehicle. With this review, we are getting a little bit conservative. This isn’t a high-performance, exotic supercar that we like to review at Up and Coming Cars. No, this is one entry-level vehicle. Get used to it.

Despite all the previous gibber gabber, we need to get serious. The 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 is a hatchback made with the highest standards of quality. The good looking design is accompanied with a satisfying, smooth driving experience. Enough power to take you from point A to B. We have to say no more.

Let’s take a closer look of the 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130.

Engine and Relevant Specs

The 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 packs a 1.6 L 4-cylinder diesel engine, which is denominated as the vehicle’s name prefix. In its front-wheel drive configuration, this hatchback is capable of generating up to 129 hp at 4000 RPM and 236 lb-ft at 1750 RPM.


Along with this engine, we find a 6-speed manual transmission with really decent performance. Numbers are rated in the following way: 10 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark (100 km/h) while the top speed is around 123 mph (198 km/h). Besides this numbers, a proven low-emission and amazing fuel economy represent huge advantages and an eco-friendly alternative for everyone.

In terms of suspensions, this fourth generation Mégane features MacPherson strut suspension in the front and a torsion beam layout in the rear end. Despite the cheap feeling, the 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 delivers a smooth, highly satisfying experience on the road. The steering does a mediocre job giving proper feedback to the driver, but the overall opinion is that the ride is quite amazing and above expectations.

Design and Comfort Provided


The 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 features a front fascia offering a good looking design, really up to date. The slim headlights and the chromed grille deliver a premium feeling. In the other hand, the rear end features avant-garde taillights on a curvy hatch form. If we see it from a side, the Mégane seems athletic and highly modern. In this term, the vehicle gains a few points over its segment’s rivals.

The 2906 lb (1318 kg) hatchback offers plenty of space inside the cockpit, for both front and rear passengers. Strategic, well-thought storage locations are designed, providing great practicability and access. Despite the price and segment, users will enjoy an undisputed high-quality built. A clean, cluster-free design inside the cabin is notable while the central console features a top-notch finish.

The touchscreen in command of the infotainment platform looks modern but performs like in the old days. The laggish interface can bother some users. In the other hand, we should thank the soft-touch materials in every appropriate surface and the adjustable lighting colors, which makes a great job improving the indoor experience.


Along with the mechanical features, the convenience items inside the cabin improves the whole experience for the entry-level hatchback. It is easy and simple to use, really attached to the basics. For its price, there should be no complaints about the comfort delivered.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 Mégane Energy dCi 130 will have tough competitors to beat, being the Ford Focus and the Audi A3 at the head of this hatchback segment. But Renault made an amazing job with this model, exceeding expectations.

While some specs and information are still under evaluation, including the exact price, the great majority of estimations locate the price tag around the US$25.000 mark.


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