The 2016 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4



A few years ago, the GranTurismo MC, a racecar designed to be part of the Trofeo World Series, marked a before and after for the company’s racing résumé. Now, the recently announced GranTurismo MC GT4 is the Italian shot for the European GT4 Championship and the Pirelli World Challenge. Is it going to work?

The 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 is widely based on the original model, which aimed to the Trofeo racing league. The changes are a few and the appearance is almost identical. Despite this, more than ten teams are already interested in this new racecar to put it in no time on the track.

Let’s get to know more details about the new 2015 GranTurismo MC GT4 racecar.

Racing Powerhouse

The 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 shares the same power plant than its base model. The naturally aspirated 4.7 L V8 engine is a monstrous piece of engineering, highly modified to delivers an optimum output of power. With this engine, the racecar is capable of producing up to 430 hp.


With a paired semi-automatic electro-actuated transmission with paddle shifters, the 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 is allowed to deliver a hardcore racing performance. The curb weight is around 3108 lb (1410 kg), respecting the racing league guidelines. The rest of the specs are the same share by the GranTurismo MC model used a couple of years ago.

Design and Aerodynamic Features


The recently announced 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 also has a very similar appearance to the base model, which was highly respectful to the FIA regulations. The exterior design has changed almost nothing if we see face to face both models. The aerodynamic features consist in a vented engine hood, several air intakes below the front grille, canards on the sides, a huge splitter, optimized side skirts, massive rear wing, diffuser, and many other body kit modifications that has a proven, deep impact on performance, all within the GT4 and FIA frameworks and rules.

Adding an extra observation of the exterior look, the 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 has a highly appealing design. The form looks angrier than the close competition, both in commercial and racing terms. It seems agile and slim, besides mean and hostile. The colossal rear wing, which is unique for this GT4 model, makes the final statement about its racing capabilities.


The interior composition will follow the GT4 regulations, so there is not going to be any surprise here. A single racing-prepared seat, basic instrumentation for a racecar, safety elements, and others are expected to be found inside the cabin. Following the elemental safeness guidelines, several roll-over bars are installed inside, in order to minimize hazard for the pilot.

The Bottom Line

Regarding the close competition, the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 could be the 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4’s main rival in both markets and on the track. With a heavily modified 4.7 L V8 and a full suite of track-ready features, the Vantage GT4 looks serious and merciless.

Nevertheless, the 2016 GranTurismo MC GT4 comes with a decent experience baggage from Maserati years on the track. This Italian exotic car maker isn’t stranger to the hot and violent racing world. Maybe all the experience acquired over those years allows this car to win races after all. According to the press release, this car will have a final revision during the Balance of Performance tests, in which the GT4 regulators approves homologation.


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