The 2016 Infiniti QX50



This new year, the 2016 QX50 wants to fill a spot in the luxury CUV market, which seems available to make a hit. Infiniti has to deal with the quite good offerings by Acura and Lexus. That doesn’t seem like a problem but, by now, the 2016 QX50 still has too many things to improve.

At Up and Coming Cars, we actually think that the luxury crossover market could get more interesting than it is nowadays. The other options besides the QX50 from the also Japanese car makers had been reviewed on this blog and the impressions are the same. There is something missing. Something really important. What is it? It could be excitement.

Let’s take a closer look of the 2016 QX50.

Drivetrain and Specs


The 2016 QX50 packs a DOHC 24-valve 3.7 L V6 powerplant, capable of delivering 325 hp and 267 lb-ft of maximum torque. This brawny engine is working along a 7-speed automatic transmission. The whole drivetrain setup allows the QX50 to go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 5.5 seconds.

This luxury crossover comes rear-wheel-drive as standard, proving an above-mediocre experience on the road. The suspension provides the enough quality to maintain a quiet room inside the cabin. You could expect a silent, smooth ride enhanced by the worthy suspension.

Looks, Comfort and Safety


As expected from models developed by top-notch Japanese car makers, safety is a priority. Both exterior and interior features aim to this need. The exterior design had to slightly chance in order to adapt to the new dimensions of the 2016 QX50 but do not expect a massive overhaul.

The whole form is curvy and has no trails of aggressiveness. A quiet pattern looks like a trend for the aimed market, we think if we see the main rivals. The design of the headlights is quite ugly, being the same from past years. From a side, is seems a little more pleasant and cute, but not enough to like many of us. Again, it lacks excitement and doesn’t produce notable joy in our hearts. The rear end unfortunately didn’t change our minds.

The bug-like design of the rear fascia bothers us. A fancy, luxury CUV should be more modern and stylish. This is the antithesis, we think. There is no sophistication whatsoever. The bumper and the two round exhaust pipes are contributing with a positive charge of coolness. The 2016 QX50 has a curb weight around 3855 lb (1749 kg), which means that it doesn’t care too much about acceleration and overall performance.

In the interior, the 2016 QX50 features of more space. This is a notable feature and the main reason of a drastic change of dimensions from recent models. Isn’t the best interior design offered by Infiniti, either. As you can see in the picture below, instruments feel outdated. Just like the exterior design, there is no trace of innovation.


Convenience items as leather upholstery, welcome lighting, LED DRLs, heated front seats, and fog lights come as standard with the base trim. Several packages are also available for further luxury, comfort, and safety. Do not expect anything less from the luxury maker.

The Bottom Line

With the 2016 QX50, we get a good mix of comfort and performance at a great price. Also, notice that with this model we found a small reduction of the base price. Not too much, around US$500. So do not blame this fact of the lack of innovation.

The base price for the cheaper trim starts at US$35.445.


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