The 2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Rally Edition



The 2016 Veloster Turbo Rally Edition is the Hyundai’s shot to make up the mistakes with the previous model. The feelings are quite mixed. Clearly, there are a lot of improvements, mainly in terms of performance, but either way, serious problems are kicking the South Korean carmaker. What’s wrong? The specialized media has a lot to say too.

Fixing most of the major problems, the hot hatch doesn’t reach that title yet. If the price tag were smaller, these problems would not be too dramatic. Despite all, the cannot demand something top-notch when the price is rationally low.

Let’s see more details about the 2016 Veloster Turbo Rally Edition.

Drivetrain and Specs



Now, we have to say it again. The 2016 VT Rally Edition (VT stands for Veloster Turbo, for future references) supposed to be a hot hatch. It looks quite like one. It was marketed that way. But, for car enthusiasts, this model does not reach that level yet. In fact, the Rally Edition, which makes a better job than the base model, either should be considered a hot hatch, according to some.

The 2016 VT Rally Edition packs a turbo 1.6 L inline-4 engine, capable of producing 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of maximum torque at a decent motor speed. This power plant is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. This setup allows this car to go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in 7.1 seconds, which could seem a lot for a supposed hot hatch.

The fuel efficiency has been improved from the sky to the earth, actually. The 2016 VT Rally Edition features 25 mpg for the city and 33 mpg for highway, which is a great improvement from the base model. Also, we see upgrades in terms of transmission and suspension. The B&M Racing short-throw shifter, which enhance a lot the gearbox performance and behavior. The suspension is more dynamic and entertaining on the track, adding a better feel and handling.

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The four-door design featured by the 2016 VT Rally Edition is quite interesting but could be too far from being truly good looking. The rear fascia looks odd and works as evidence that Hyundai wanted to do something awesome and extreme. And failed.

The black Rays wheels look amazing, appropriate for the car. The overall exterior design is wanting to be a hot hatch, but too many people think that it is actually ugly. In the interior, we found elements built with high-quality material. Even the upholstery is made of leather. But, again, the design is pretty common a boring for a hot hatch. The central console features a screen, which represents the main reference for the infotainment and navigation systems onboard.


The 2016 VT Rally Edition do no change or add anything in terms of the body kit, in comparison with the base model. There is no other trim available, making the actual look definitive. The curb weight is around the 2900 lb (1315 kg) mark.

The Bottom Line

The Rally Edition of the Veloster Turbo is going to be limited, which is a great mistake, considering how negatively criticized has been the base model. Hyundai should consider making this edition the definitive production model, period. It isn’t perfect but there are big improvements.

Unfortunately for the 2016 VT Rally Edition, there are too many good alternatives out there, even for less money. This version represents the most expensive Veloster on the market by a notable margin. With a price tag around US$22.329, we think that a cheaper Focus ST could deliver a way more positive experience to the user.


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