The 2016 Honda Civic



The Japanese maker is now presenting the tenth generation of the legendary Civic. Pay attention, because it worth it. This could be one of the best Civic models in the history of the name. Honda improves every aspect, which seems pretty good already for the entry-level compact. Now, possibilities are endless.

An exceptional well-made vehicle for all. That’s the 2016 Civic. Each trim will offer a grade of options for everyone, but regarding the basic trim, the LX, the experience is very above average.

Let’s get to know more details and features of the 2016 Civic

Drivetrain and Specs


The 2016 Civic will have two power plants to choose. First, a turbo 1.5 L inline-4, which is capable of producing 174 hp at 5500 RPM and 162 lb-ft of maximum torque at 1800 RPM. While there is going to be a naturally aspirated 2.0 L inline-4.

For the transmission, we have a CVT gearbox, not-so-loved by car enthusiasts. The LX Civic configured with the 2.0 L engine will be able to choose between the CVT and a 6-speed manual transmission. This rear-wheel drive compact features an outstanding fuel efficiency, rated at 31 mpg for the city and 42 mpg for the highway.

The electrically assisted rack-and-pinion steering behave amazing and works out with the overall comfort. In fact, the experienced provided by the 2016 Civic is smooth and quiet. Effective noise insulation is present to ensure a comfortable cabin. This is achieved thanks to the highly tuned suspension, besides the design and materials used, which will be mentioned ahead.

The 2016 Civic is unbelievable well made. The handling and agility sensation doesn’t match its price tag, which is very affordable. Si and Type-R, which are probably coming anytime soon, will find a highly suitable platform in the 2016 Civic to make an, even more, entertaining vehicle to hit the road.

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Design and Comfort


The 2016 Civic features a curb weight of 2917 lb (1323 kg) but actually is seems heavier than that. Despite the big-and-heavy impression it gives, isn’t uncomfortable on the road or even in a crowded city. Talking about crowded cities, this model offers a rear-view camera on every trim, easing parking. Also, an adaptive cruise control with a low-speed follows feature comes handy in high-traffic scenarios, which are common in the city.

Regarding the exterior look, the 2016 Civic is prettier than ever. Despite the front chrome grille looks like an element from past generations, the rear fascia transmits an avant-garde feeling. The taillights design is, at least, exceptional. Japanese carmakers like Toyota, Acura and Honda are aiming hard-lined, edgy designs, trying to deliver a futuristic but pleasant form.

Inside the cabin, we can notice that high-quality materials are used, where every element seems durable and resistant. The optional 7-inch touchscreen for the Display Audio system expand the possibilities of entertainment and comfort on the road while the both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available for comfy media synchronization.


The several trims available will deliver different ranges of comfort and visual details, plus some technology onboard. Despite this fact, the base model will provide a pretty good and complete experience. Is important to mention that Honda prioritized safety during the design and production phase.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 Civic is just a winner in its segment, right among the Mazda3, the Ford Focus, and the Hyundai Elantra. Buyer will have to choose between the following trims: LX, EX, EX-T, and Touring. The last one featuring a navigation system as standard.

For the most basic trim, the LX, the base price is going to be US$19.475.


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