The 2016 Ford Focus RS



With his distinct RS badge (Rallye Sport), fiery and aggressive rally look is going to guarantee a lot of fun in the road and off-road.

Equipped with an innovative all-wheel-drive system and packed with a five-cylinder 2.3L Ti-VCT Ecoboost® I-4 it designed to deliver up to 345 horsepower and 324 pound-feet of torque, acceleration forcing you to stick in a seat and a rush of an adrenaline while driving it’s a fact.

Wild Car with an Unbelievable Handling

When you blend 345 horsepower at 6000rpm, 324 pound-feet of torque at 2000-4500rpm (347 pound-feet on over boost), that’s enough to stick you in the seat in an incredible launch of 0-60mph in 4.6sec. Being the top speed at 165mph and 1599 kg, you got a multi-use car like no other, with the fancy and attractiveness of twin-scroll turbocharger, intake charge chilling by an inter cooler for more efficiency.

Smooth and Chill Drive or Aggressive-Alpha Man Drive


Probably one of the best features about the Ford Focus RS 2016 is his new driving mode button with options such as Normal, Sport, Drift and Track. Just turning the Drift mode, and no matter if you have the electronic stability control even switched on, you’ll be allowed to provoke the back of the car into stepping out of line. With a chill, controlled sensation, the Ford Focus RS 2016 is going to help to give that alpha-hero man sensation right in that curve and corners, almost like a professional Rally driver.

The 2016 Focus RS all-wheel-drive system offers a torque vectoring, which can also engage up to 70 percent of the available torque to the rear axle. The torque that reaches the rear axle, up to 100 percent of it can be sent to either rear wheel, giving a maximum control on over-steer drift ability.

This amazing hot hatch has been engineered to resist 30 minutes on continuous track use, with 4-wheel disc Anti-lock Brake, electronic brakes and Sport Suspension, ensuring a high sporty, comfy and astonishing drive experience at its best. By the other hand, if you like as many other car’s owners, you can set everything in Normal and just enjoy a daily smooth normal ride to work or just chill around’.


Cool, Sophisticated and Smooth Interior

The 2016 Focus RS exhibit a brilliant interior space that is enjoyable in any circumstances without any lack of sportiveness essence. Thanks by his brilliant design in his Recaro sports seats that brings a huge comfy drive, also replete with racing-like features as the flat-bottomed steering wheel and a different RS badges spread all over.


Features as sports pedals and additional instrument cluster sitting on top of the center console displaying boost pressure, oil temperature and oil pressure are included as well.

The entertainment systems are also a heavy decision maker when buying a car. For this occasion, Ford includes the SYNC connectivity functionalities, like a wide audio system, sat-nav, climate control system, all this via 8-inch touchscreen or voice commands. Even Ford has included in the repertoire a voice command that allow the driver to find the closest public circuit with just pronounce ”Find a race track”.

The Bottom Line for the Focus RS

The 2016 Focus RS is a brilliant choice for either rally drive, sport drive or just a chill normal driving with an excellent and innovative trustworthy handling. It could give you a very pleasant and safety drive just for US$35.730.


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