The 2016 BMW X4 M40i



The 2016 X4 M40i is the leading model of the X4 Series, always populated by top-quality SUVs. Unfortunately, there is too much to nag about it. Despite being the most complete and best X4 from the entire lineup, siblings from other Series could be more charming to you.

The X4 xDrive28i and the X4 xDrive35i, both its closer siblings, are great SUV with enough power to please many, but they haven’t the M badge. So, that why we expect a lot of the X4 M40i. Because it features the M badge with questionable pride. When we get a model from the M Division of BMW, the expectations are high.

BMW and its M Division had always been responsible and delivered outstanding high-performance models. But the specialized media insists that this model in particular doesn’t transmit the hardcore, exciting feeling which is common in vehicles with the M badge. It’s hard to tell.

Let’s get familiar with the specs and features of the 2016 X4 M40i.

M-sourced Specs


The 2016 X4 M40i packs a turbo 24-valve 3.0 L inline-6 powerplant, producing up to 355 hp at 5800 rpm and a peak torque of 343 lb-ft at 1350 rpm. You must know that this is the same engine onboard of the M2. In that case, this same powerplant is capable of generating 10 hp more. Along with the engine, we found an STEPTRONIC 8-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting mode, appropriately tuned for the occasion.

This all-wheel-drive SUV delivers decent performance numbers. The acceleration of the 2016 X4 M40i is rated at 4.7 seconds when it comes to launching from standstill to 60 mph. The top speed is estimated at 130 mph. The handling and cornering, despite the magnificent work always done by the M equipment with the suspension and transmission, feels odd.

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Experts are saying that the 2016 X4 M40i is too heavy and has a high center of gravity while both things mess up with the overall performance. Its 4.235 lb of weight makes it a lot heavier than a 3 Series Sports Wagon packing a diesel powerplant, which is always a heavy feature.

Despite all these apparent flaws in terms of performance, the Comfort mode offered actually delivers a comfortable and fully satisfying ride. While many people who are buying an M-badged vehicle are expecting insane, amusing performance, the quality of the ride is smooth and comfortable during this driving mode.

Design and Comfort


The 2016 X4 M40i is, without a doubt, an attractive SUV. Its tall roofline makes it an interesting model to see. But we feel something is lacking. Backed up with the M badge, this SUV should be more aggressive and exciting than it actually is. It looks more elegant and comfortable than sporty.

The front fascia features the always-classic twin-kidney grill between two massive LED headlights. Below, the air intake design of the bumper is highly attractive and delivers a minor feeling of sportiness. From a side, it seems unique and worth watching. Too many people could think the exact opposite, instead.

The rear fascia features that good-looking like-hatchback design we already praised on the 2015 BMW X6 M. The huge taillights make a great contrast with the pair of exhaust outlets below. The power liftgate is always appreciated and, this time, is included in the price. One major problem of this particular design is that it greatly reduce cargo utility. 19-inch aluminum wheels come standard while bigger, 20-inch rims have an extra price.

The Bottom Line

While sharing the same platform than the X3, there are too many complaints about it. In fact, some claims that are more convenient to choose a 3 Series Sports Wagon instead of an X4 M40i. The M equipment onboard isn’t enough to make it worth it.

The estimated price is around US$57.800.


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