The 2016 BMW M2



The 2016 M2 doesn’t have anything to envy to its older brothers. In fact, this model has enough power to fight back against internal BMW denominations. This new M2 features the required track skills to compete with the BMW M4, which is more expensive.

As expected, the German carmaker has done a spectacular job with the M series. Now we are going to enjoy an accessible car with jaw-dropping performance. Luxury isn’t scarce either. Remember that you are driving a BMW, which loves to excel in terms of comfort.

Let’s see more details about the new 2016 BMW M2.

Powertrain and Specs


The new 2016 M2 packs a TwinPower turbocharged 3.0 L inline-6 engine with a cutting-edge architecture. The twin-turbo allow the production of 365 hp at 6500 RPM and 343 lb-ft of maximum torque at 1400 RPM. This power plant features a full construction on aluminum and lightweight materials. An improved lubrication system allows to be driven during long sessions on the track.

The max speed of this German motor goes up to 7000 RPM. In other interesting numbers, we see a standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) time rated at 4.3 seconds. In the other hand, the top speed is electronically limited at 155 mph (249 km/h). A DTC gearbox with Launch Control is determining to get its spectacular performance.

A 6-speed manual transmission is also available as an alternative. According to the maker, it is slightly slower than the previously mentioned. Six driving modes are available as well in both transmission configurations, greatly improving in their own way the vehicle’s behavior in several terms.


With this new M2, the Stability Clutch Control technology has a deep impact in the overall performance. This is mostly noticed when high speeds are achieved on the track. The Active M Differential is another of the interesting features that are contributing with the great power output. Most elements of the suspension and transmission are forged with aluminum and related lightweight materials as the engine onboard, just like M3 and M4 models.

The 2016 M2’s stopping power is provided by the same M Compound brakes in the M4 model. In the front, we found 380 mm discs with four-piston fixed calipers and 370 mm with two-piston calipers in the rear. Here, the weight is an elemental factor, with aluminum as the main fabrication material.

Beautifully-Crafted Form and Luxury


The 2016 M2, as usual from BMW designers, delivers a stunning form. The aggressive stance automatically tells us that it is fast and quick, with no chance of getting slow times at any track. The slim LED headlights and sharp intakes in the bumper makes of the front fascia a worthy spectacle.

In the rear, two twin exhaust outlets are waiting to be seen by our rivals on the track. The curvy lines from the taillights are fresh and modern while the rims’ design is astonishing. 19-inch aluminum wheels come wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires, 245/35Z in the front and 265/35Z in the rear end.

The interior has certain fidelity with the whole sporty composition of the 2016 M2. A touchscreen, center of command of the infotainment system, is located in the tallest end of the main console. This new layout seen in both BMW’s and Mercedes’s models lately is safer, allowing the driver a good grade of vision of the road. Sport bucket seats are mandatory, being a blessing when it comes the time of long track sessions.


The Bottom Line

You must know that the main rivals are the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 and the Audi RS3, which ones are similar in terms of performance and slightly more expensive than the BMW in question.

This is the ultimate track tool for those who aren’t part of the wealthy class. The price tag is around US$64.849.


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