The 2016 BMW 750i xDrive



The 2016 750i xDrive has an insane grade of luxury available onboard. In an unbelievable way, this BMW can even recognize the driver’s gestures and execute several tasks. We will be talking about this feature ahead. In the meanwhile, all the readers need to take notice about the great sedan this is, even better than the all-mighty S-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

This full-size sedan comes with a trainer, which will teach the user how to handle the equipment in it. This isn’t a joke. BMW has taken the 2016 750i xDrive to the next level in terms of comfort and extravaganza. A huge blow against Mercedes, mainly in the U.S. market, where the S-Class sells the double.

Let’s get familiar with some of the main features of the 2016 750i xDrive.

Drivetrain and Mechanics Specs

The 2016 750i xDrive packs a twin-turbocharged intercooled 4.4 L V8 with aluminum heads and block. This is not a shy power plant. The 445 horsepower produced at 6000 RPM and the 480 lb-ft of maximum torque at early 1800 RPM aren’t a joke. Paired with an 8-speed automatic ZF transmission with manual shifting, the 2016 750i xDrive is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.4 seconds. For its 4883 lb (2215 kg) of curb weight, this acceleration is quite impressive.


The fuel efficiency is quite great, rated at 16 mpg for the city and 25 mpg in the highway. The 2016 750i xDrive is electronically limited at 155 mph (249 km/h), so do not expect also insane speeds for this high-end sedan. The fully adjustable suspension, from air springs to dampers, work wonderfully. The Active Comfort Drive system functioning onboard is capable of reviewing the road ahead through the nav equipment. This scan is executed in order to automatically adapt the suspension.

There are three optimized pre-set suspension modes available as well, the Comfort Plus, Comfort, and Sport. How the names already tell, they provide quite different experiences.

While the xDrive platform responds to the torque distribution in a smart way, delivering the power to each axle depending the circumstances. The transmission also adjusts automatically depending on the road’s characteristic. With the performance capabilities of this huge luxury sedan, it should wear an M badge on it.

Opulence and Beauty at its Best

The 2016 750i xDrive is unique. We really meant it. It clear that the immortal design pattern of BMW is followed, but this sedan makes a statement. Its elegance and grace are, again, unique. The long and slim headlights are just classic. The rear fascia features also a set of gorgeous lights, which makes unique the end, all together with the massive exhaust outlets.


But most of the attractive and beauty is packed in the inside. The use of new tech and gadgets is almost exaggerated. We need to start with the Gesture Control. With the movements of finger and wrists, almost the entire iDrive infotainment system can be controlled. This is a new level of extravagance. Of course, the use of this element isn’t mandatory. The impressive feature can be deactivated when desired.

Ventilated seats for both front and rear make us thing that you will need a chauffeur too. The 16-speaker Bowers & Wilkins 1400 Watts Premium audio system ensures a supreme entertaining experience onboard. The optional Display Key, which is a really cool, cutting-edge feature, is also useful for previewing things like next engine service. With the option packages, the 2016 750i xDrive lose some space in order to fill the car with even more gadgets.


The Encore Delivery service, which is premiering with the 7-Series as well, will provide the new buyer a complete lesson about how to use the zillion technologies onboard.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 750i xDrive is a great option when it comes to a high-end full-size sedan. The top-notch elements onboard ensure this positive experience. The base price starts US$82.295.


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