The 2016 Audi S6



The 2016 S6 comes with few improvements from past years’ models. Despite this fact, we are thankful for what we see anyways. This new year Audi has decided to not follow the design trend imposed by some of the most recent models, which is a real shame.

While the 2016 S6 generates more power, this isn’t directly translated to be faster. In fact, we see unfavorable numbers in comparison with previous models tested by prominent entities of the specialized media. We don’t mind for this either. This sedan is a shy, well-made Audi. Some will love it but it lacks the necessary to fight against other Germans in its same segment.

Let’s take a look of the 2016 S6.

Drivetrain and Specs

The 2016 S6 packs a massive twin-turbo intercooled DOHC 32-valve 4.0 L V8 with aluminum block and heads. This power plant is capable of generating up to 450 hp at 6400 RPM and 406 lb-ft of maximum torque at 1400 RPM. The engine onboard will be paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with shifting mode.


With 4389 lb (1991 kg), the 2016 S6 isn’t exactly lightweight. Despite this, the specs previously exposed allows to this high-performance sedan to go from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.9 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited at 153 mph (246 km/h).

Having a massive engine like this one, we all expect a mediocre fuel economy. It is actually rated at 18 mpg for the city and 27 mpg for the highway, which is quite decent.

Having talked about the 2016 S6 main specs, we all know that this year’s model represents enhanced power output in comparison with recent antecessors. This all-wheel drive luxury sedan features independent multi-link suspension in both front and back, with adaptive suspension as standard. The electro-mechanical limited slip differential comes as an extra, providing a good performance enhancement.

Luxury and Comfort


Besides all the power beneath the hood, the 2016 S6 is a luxury sedan. Forget hitting the track and crushing rivals for a moment. This model looks like hasn’t enjoyed enough attraction in the past. This is one of a hell of a sedan, along with all its high-end performance specs. But, let’s focus on the design and comfort provided.

The main design trend remains a step behind from the recent models launched by Audi, like the TT and the R8. In this matter, the 2016 S6 is way more conservative. Again, the design is really conservative. It’s like the antonym of risky and daring.

In the rear fascia, everything is really boring and top-quality at the same time. The chrome trim at the edge of the trunk is a nice detail, but it isn’t proper for a car that goes from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. I had to say it. The two twin exhaust pipes located at each extreme of the discrete diffuser are more appropriated than many elements of the car.

The 2016 S6 gets 19-inch wheels, while the optional 20-inch ones have a price tag of US$1.000, being far away of being a worthy addition. In the interior, a clean design say welcome to us. The 8-way front sport seats come included in the base price, but there are plenty of extras that improves the comfort provided by seating. Now the MMI infotainment platform brings 4G LTE data, Apple Siri Eyes Free, INRIX online traffic assistant, and radio streaming via Internet.

The Bottom Line

The 2016 S6 lacks an exciting spirit, which is a clear disadvantage in front of Mercedes’, BMW’s and Cadillac’s models in the same segment.

The base price is around US$71.825.


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