The 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan



This time here in Up and Coming Cars, we are going to review a four-doors luxury car made by a South Korean maker that year by year knows how to improve their cars. Hyundai is our victim in this occasion, being the 2015 Genesis Sedan the spotlight. A real luxury car, capable of competing with famous and prestigious brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz (having respect for the brands already mentioned).

The brand-new Genesis Sedan is a really promising option for those anyone looking for a luxury car, mainly because this car blends any comfort, safe and performance features, possible in the market.

Let’s review this South Korean-made car.

Performance Options and Models for This Beauty


Genesis Sedan came with two versions for either the conservative guy who doesn’t care about performance and for the speed maniacs. The Premium, Luxury and Technology models are the simplest models, packing a 3.8 L GDI DOHC V6 with 311 HP and 293 LB-ft Torque with an 8-speed automatic electronic with SHIFTRONIC manual mode, HTRAC All-wheel drive (AWD) system also available. Standstill to 60mph is rated at 6.3 seconds.

The efficiency is something positive but not too impressive in these models, with a consumption of 14.4L/100km in city and highway 9.4 L/100 km. Basically, the changes within the three models already described is in safety, interior and exterior features.

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The Heavyweight Model

The Genesis Sedan is interesting enough in his greatest model, the 5.0 Ultimate: Delivering a 5.0 L GDI V8 Tau engine with 420 hp and 383 lb-ft Torque, with the same 8-speed automatic electronic with SHIFTRONIC manual mode and HTRAC all-wheel drive (AWD) System. Numbers for this trim are rated at standstill to 60mph in 5.2 seconds.

This is a little bit more fuel-hungry car with a consumption of city 17.3/100km and highway 10.5L/100km, something to considerate in terms of efficiency. The same peculiarity happens with the Ultimate model: extra safety, interior and exterior features. Maybe the most interesting change is the huge motor equipped in this luxury car model.

Stylish and Elegant From Inside And Outside



In the interior you can expect to find luxury and high-quality features like:

The seats look promising, incorporating heated and ventilated front seats, premium smooth leather, and a power driver bolster and cushion, helping you to find the ideal comfortable position by injecting air into the seat bolsters and power seats for leg support.

The entertainment system is powered by Lexicon with a discreet Logic 7 surround sound, giving you 17-speaker (Ultimate model) and 14-speaker (3.8 L V6 models). This system was Grammy awarded-winning technology delivering sound via high-efficiency speakers and amplifiers, impressive though.

Four color options are offered in this opportunity, Ivory, Gray, Black, and Beige. All of them fits great with the interior of the car and looks luxurious and elegant all around.

Simple, But Good Looking Exterior


Probably the Genesis Sedan doesn’t have the best exterior, but it doesn’t mean that is not charming. Looks stylish and elegant all the way.

Gorgeous LED fog lights and front grill quite good in general with an excellent body type, curves and alloy wheels reflects a very fluid design aesthetic giving a real a sense of luxury car from far and close.

The Bottom Line for the Genesis Sedan

Hyundai really wants to find a niche in the luxury cars market, and this cars is close to do it, with fiery, legendary and prestigious brands as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others, will be very difficult, but the Genesis Sedan is taking it seriously and definitely deserve a chance to prove the hungry buyers that it is a great option for a luxury car.

The price tag for the 2015 Genesis Sedan 3.8 starts at US$ 38.750, while for the 2015 Genesis Sedan 5.0 starts at US$ 53.850.


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