The 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint



The sales in Alfa Romeo have dropped massively in the last decade, so now the company is trying to reestablish its fame and past glory. Filling the soul of a true car’s enthusiast is really hard, and even more if there are tons of cars maker creating vehicles near to perfection and flawless pieces of engineering (thanks, capitalism). Is not that easy, but Alfa Romeo has everything to achieve its goals

The 2015 Giulietta Sprint is an aesthetic, joyful car to watch while traditionally the Italian car maker was never too focused on a fun and exhilarating performance, which is probably of the bigger flaw of this model.

However, something to acknowledge is the really nice taste in terms of a design by Alfa Romeo, that including the interior design. That’s probably the legacy of the Italian car maker, delivering an aesthetical piece of art to a specific kind of customers. This car came out to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Giulietta, unveiled back then in 1954, also as a tactic to restore its past, lost glory.

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Let’s review this Italian car.

Powertrain and Performance


The 2015 Giulietta Sprint is offered with six ranges of engines. But in the UK, there is just one option available. Is a 1.4 L MultiAir Turbo Petrol four-cylinder, producing 148 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired with a TCT twin-clutch automatic. These specs allow the 2015 Giulietta Sprint to go from standstill to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 130 mph. The performance is not that exciting, but for a specific group of customers, it’s more than enough.

Something pretty positive about this car is its low fuel consumption. The Giulietta Sprint is rated at 42 mpg, or 5.6 each 100 km.

Exterior Silhouette and Interior


Recognizing the Giulietta Sprint from its normal, base model is kind of hard and needs a really close look. The updates on it are more to enhance the sporty essence that Alfa Romeo tries to deliver. A new back bumper exhibit the new diffuser with four fins and also bigger chrome exhaust pipes were implemented on it. The front fascia is the same with the glossy anthracite finish and the fog light frames are the only details that separate it from the normal Giulietta. Mirror caps and door handles receive the same finish. Tinted rear windows and “Sprint” badges put an end to the body changes.

The Sprint model has new alloy wheels, which are replacing the normal wheels with 17-inch five-hole rims to deliver that sporty sensation intended by Alfa Romeo.

The interior repeats the same formula of the exterior. The same design with some details that separates it from the base Giulietta. The cockpit receives Sprint logos spread in strategic places. The seats are upholstery with Alcantara and cloth. The steering wheel and gearstick are leather-wrapped with red stitching, also featuring new sports instruments. The center dash receives several carbon fiber trims and the doors panels as well.


In technology aspects, the Sprint is well fitted up with different features available in other cars. Some onboard features are the standard cruise control and rear parking sensors to increase the security and comfortableness of the ride. Uconnect multimedia system with 3D bird’s eye view maps with voice commands function, displaying information on either a 5- or a 6.5-inch touchscreen completes the technology repertory in the Giulietta Sprint.

The interior and the exterior gives a really nice sensation of beauty and Italian breed. It’s sexy and elegant. Probably an enhanced design could’ve been more appropriate because the base Giulietta is not that different from the Sprint model, despite the efforts.

The Bottom Line

The Giulietta Sprint is a good option for solely aesthetic and excellent fuel efficiency intentions. Performance is quite below the competition, so be aware of not expecting an exhilarating performance from this car.

Starting price at US$27.500.


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