The 2013 Lamborghini Egoista Concept


Lamborghini Egoista Front

Some car makers, from time to time, need to express their passion in the most exotic way possible. When that happens, it is a very emotional event. European companies, those with decades of business experience, know a lot about this need.

They hold an invaluable cultural baggage on their shoulders. Absurd concept vehicles are one of the most applied ways to share their most crazy feelings with the world.

The 2013 Egoista Concept was the way that Lamborghini chose to scream to the world how vain they are (or can be, if they want to). Its insane design, trying to look like a war plane is everything but humble. They go all the way with it, challenging physics and all the automotive standards we know.

The designers at Sant’Agata Bolognese couldn’t achieve a meaner, more evil appearance. From in and out, it looks like it’s going to kill you. Quite an achievement. As we can see, at first sight, Lamborghini based the 2013 Egoista Concept on a fighter plane. With this decision, they achieve an outstanding design form, one that breaks all the standards known to us.

To date, this is one of the most ambitious and aggressive projects developed by the Italian supercar maker. But there is plenty more about the 2013 Egoista Concept. Announced during the 2013 Ginebra Auto Show, Lamborghini mixed radical feelings with modern taste.

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Let’s take a further look.

Drivetrain and Performance

Lamborghini Egoista Side

The 2013 Egoista Concept is based on the Gallardo Platform, which is well known. The massive 5.2 L V10 powerplant is capable of generating up to 600 hp without a breaking a sweat. The all-wheel-drive layout allows this beast to reach insane speeds up to 202 mph (325 km/h). Now, compared with the Huracan LP610-4, the 2013 Egoista Concept is only 10 hp behind, which is quite an achievement.

This massive engine is exposed for two main reasons: increasing the concept’s aggressiveness and saving weight. Both reasons are paramount for this vehicle, which is trying to achieve what no other Lamborghini had in terms of drama.

Unfortunately, Lamborghini keeps too many specs as classified. We can assume that most of its mechanic components are the same of the 2013 Gallardo, which is quite logical due to the use of its platform. However, sticking with the Gallardo’s basics sounds disappointing for an ambitious project like this one.

Unique Design and Feel

Lamborghini Egoista Rear

What is truly unique about the 2013 Egoista Concept is its radical, aircraft-based design. Like we can see in the photos, there isn’t a single car out there that similar to this one. Its unique form factor and aerodynamic design want to emulate a modern fighter jet. In fact, Lamborghini mentioned that this epic piece of machinery is based on the famous Apache helicopter. This means that the Egoista takes inspiration from one of the deadliest aircraft units in the world.

Unbelievable, anti-radar materials were used in the construction of the body and rims. Yes, like most fighter jets. The carbon-fiber monocoque and aluminum reinforcement represent the very best in the industry. All standards were exceeded by the 2013 Egoista Concept without leaving ground to similar projects.

Created for the 50th anniversary of the mythic supercar maker, this concept was born as a single-seater vehicle. The 2013 Egoista features a one-seat cockpit that requires removing the steering wheel each time the driver is going in or out. While this may seem impractical, it’s part of its charming character.

On the other hand, this amazing concept has several body panels that are fully active, moving up and down to enhance aerodynamics and downforce generation on the track, always according to the situation. Nevertheless, seeing the 2013 Egoista Concept on the track is unlikely at best. At Up and Coming Cars, we seriously doubt about this supercar’s effectiveness on the field. Yet, we will continue to praise it.

Every single one of the air intakes on this model are sharp and edgy, like the rest of the entire design. Plenty of cuts conform it, always trying to look like a killing machine. The orange detailing ends in an always-exciting contrast on the matte gray paint job.

Cutting-edge lighting technologies are found all around the vehicle, something that makes it the center of attraction, regardless the situation. Having this hardcore appearance, even in comparison with the popular Veneno model, we can be sure that the specialized media will a lot of attention to this beast.

The 2013 Egoista Concept features aluminum and carbon fiber as the main materials in the cockpit construction, as we mentioned before, saving a lot of weight in the process. Like the exterior, the one-seat cockpit is simply out of this world. But, you must notice that it only packs the necessary to be driven. Period. While it seems hardcore, everything is there for a reason. Lamborghini would have removed more thing if such a thing would be possible.

Inside, the drivers get a futuristic dashboard with HUD-based instruments. This system projects all the information on an octagonal crystal panel, everything in the driver’s face. Again, this leading-edge, vanguard-looking design is based on fighter jets.

Now, do you want to get in? If so, you need to put some hard work into this task. The crystal roof over the cockpit lifts off like in a fighter jet, a detail we will not forget. It looks insane, yes, but getting inside is even more difficult than that. Lamborghini had to add a carbon-fiber piece as an indicator to get in without having a hard time. This piece says “Step Here”, providing clear indications as an aircraft would do.

But there is more. The only seat in the cockpit elevates and spins 180 degrees in order to be accessible to the driver. This means that the person needs to carefully go over the bodywork and fall into the seat. The 2013 Egoista Concept is the only one in town that can provide such an immersive experience.

To end with how the 2013 Egoista Concept looks, we need to mention its xenon LED system. This system wasn’t designed, like in most cases, to enhance proper and secure illumination on the road. Instead, the LED setup emulates aircraft designs as well, providing a unique 3D experience. Another supercar that does something similar is the Aston Martin Vulcan.

The Bottom Line

Lamborghini Egoista Top

Mr. Walter Da Silva, one of the head designers of the company, told during the auto show that the 2013 Egoista Concept was “designed purely for hyper-sophisticated people who want only the most extreme and special things in the world. It represents hedonism taken to the extreme.”

There is nothing more to add to Mr. Da Silva’s statements. These words reflect the true spirit of the brand, one that knows how epic their creations are. The shift from concept vehicles towards production hypercars is real. While Lamborghini is now behind in the hybrid supercars’ race, this carmaker doesn’t lack innovation.

We don’t doubt any of this, actually. Its highly-ambitious design is almost hard to believe. You must know that the word “Egoista” means “selfish” when translated into English. This explains many things.

The 50th anniversary of the Italian company was the chosen scenario to launch a noteworthy concept car like the Egoista. We can consider this remarkable vehicle as a cornerstone of what Lamborghini is capable of creating in the near future. The supercar industry doesn’t stop evolving, which is extremely positive for us, the curious crowd.

Unfortunately, no one will enjoy this degree of insanity. As expected from a concept model, production was limited to just one single unit. Lamborghini has been using it as inspiration for other supercars in development. Actually, you can already see the similarities with the highly-exclusive Veneno, which will be produced with more flexibility.



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