The 2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione



The 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show was the witness of the release of one of the most beautiful cars ever made by Alfa Romeo, the 8C Competizione. At first instance, everybody was instantly in love with its perfect silhouette and that’s it. Initially, the 8C was going to be a concept car solely but later, Alfa Romeo gave the good news that this car would be on sale. The hype didn’t last. There were only 500 units produced.

In spite of the few units, Alfa Romeo wanted to strike the American market, really neglected by the Italian car maker. There were 90 cars for the American market, much more than for other faithful markets (41 in the UK). Should Americans feel flattered by this? We think Alfa Romeo did well at least.

The incredible 8C Competizione is a tribute to the supercharged eight-cylinder sports cars developed by Alfa Romeo in the 1930s. The car is intended to be a high-performance sports coupe to compete with the greatest, dotted with and exhilarating performance and magnificent Italian aesthetic.

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Let’s review this super sports car.

Powerplant and Performance


The 8C Competizione has a really fast engine, a 4.7 L V8 producing 444 horsepower at 7000 rpm and 354 lb-ft of torque at 4750 rpm with variable timing intakes valves. Such power is managed by a six-speed manual with automated shifting and clutch transaxle gearbox with a computerized gear selection behind the steering wheel. Modes as Manual-Normal, Automatic-Normal, Automatic-Sport and Wet are selected by convenience.

The performance is excellent. It is not a car that hit the 60 mph in less than 3 seconds but the performance is amazing and it’s enough for a lot of us. It launches itself from standstill to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 181 mph. The 8C’s brakes are awesome and with such power a good braking is essential. It has a stopping distance of 32 meters at 60 mph.

Exterior Design and Interior


The exterior of the car is flawless. It’s just another memorable aesthetic creation by Alfa Romeo, a specialist in car design. The front fascia has the current trends of design in the actual lineup of Alfa Romeo with rounded LED headlights, the iconic grille, and a hood that falls until the grille. From sideways, the 8C is hot as hell. The tiny silhouette is sexy and reflects an authentic image of athletics. The roof line is incredibly low and smoothly falls into the rear of the car.

The rear is impressively and quite unique. The rounded taillights are beautiful and are incredibly well designed to flow with the style of the car. Probably a fascinating aspect of the 8C Competizione is the shape accentuated at the rear, which is sexy and richly of curves.


The inside the 8C is full of top-notch materials and the design is flawlessly sexy. It gives a real sensation of uniqueness and premium feeling with no hesitation of the sporty look. Full of aluminum, carbon fiber, and leather, as only Italians can do it.

The Bottom Line

The 8C Competizione is a phenomenal sports car. It has everything that a cars enthusiasts have dreamed about: an emblematic Italian design with an exhilarating performance and with the exclusivity of only 500 units being produced.

Alfa Romeo has done a fantastic job with this release and we are eager to see more releases like this coming soon. The glory of this Italian company could be greater and could reach the pinnacle of Europeans car makers with models like this.

Starting price at US$ 158.460.


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